Welcome to NIB Direct

We are digital marketers who specialize in effective, risk-free lead generation for mass tort case acquisition that converts at a higher rate than our competitors.

Our Mission

At NIB Direct, our mission is to inform and empower injured parties to fight back and seek justice through experienced legal professionals.


Benefits of partnering with NIB Direct include:

Guaranteed Pricing

We assume all financial risk for delivering a quality lead and campaign performance versus a cost-plus agency model. Why do we do this? Because with over two decades of digital marketing experience, we have the knowledge, skill set, and confidence required to deliver case acquisition on a performance basis, risk-free to you. This allows you to concentrate on what you do best: help those who have been injured obtain justice.

NIB consistently delivers better quality leads that convert into retainers and cases than any other source I have used.

Personal Injury Attorney and Founder, Van Law Firm

In-House Media Teams

Our in-house team of media planning and buying experts allows us to have control over your traffic and to activate your campaign with due speed. Campaigns are scaled quickly and efficiently to align with each client’s needs. We use only high-quality native advertising on Google and other search engines as well as all social platforms including Facebook and Instagram that enable us to be hyper-targeted and to deliver the most efficient return on advertising spend. We are nimble and responsive, and can quickly pivot to navigate constantly changing case criteria and guidelines.

The mass tort cases our firm handles require sensitivity and empathy. We have peace of mind knowing NIB Direct approaches our case acquisition partnership conscientiously and ethically.

Attorney and Partner, Sandman Law

Maximum Pull-Through

Our efforts consistently beat industry benchmarks for fallout rates. We accomplish this by directing relevant messages to prospects where they live online, using proprietary analytics that deliver meaningful leads with precision.

The team at NIB Direct is an invaluable partner to us as they set the industry standard for mass tort case acquisition.

Director of Call Center Operations, Reciprocity Industries

Transparent Marketing Partnerships

At NIB Direct our creative review process ensures you know exactly what messaging and methods are being used to attract leads and that those methods adhere to stringent compliance standards. Now you can avoid buying leads from lead aggregators who may expose you to needless risk. Customized, real-time reporting not only focuses on what matters most to you, but it allows you to see how your campaign is performing on a continuous basis.

With NIB Direct’s custom dashboard, we can effortlessly share real-time campaign performance data with our partners. The quality of the leads is matched by the quality of the relationships we have fostered with their team, which is among the best in the business.

Partner Relations Manager, D. Miller & Associates, PLLC

Seamless Intake Integration

Our team vets third-party call centers to eliminate any conflicts of interest. Our best practices—from scripting to training to call recording and review—ensures both compliance and the ability to execute refinements that enhance the customer experience and quality of each lead.

NIB Direct’s thorough onboarding process empowers our agents to ask prospects the right questions with sensitivity and relevancy.

CEO, Legal Conversion Center

Proprietary Data-Driven Compliance

Because NIB Direct operates in many different states and jurisdictions, we adhere to the most stringent guidelines set by state bar associations as our benchmark for compliance. We guarantee proper user data management and marketing disclaimers in accordance with FTC guidelines for TCPA and CCPA compliance. You can rest assured knowing our in-house legal team continuously monitors campaigns to ensure we are running compliant traffic.

NIB Direct is a trusted, reliable marketing partner our firm depends on for effective case acquisition executed with integrity and efficiency.

Managing Partner, Sweeney Merrigan