Who We Are

NIB Direct was launched in 2019 to provide risk-free marketing services to mass tort firms. Since then, we have experienced explosive growth because of our ability to leverage digital marketing to achieve actionable leads that convert at the highest rate in the industry.

Our success is a reflection of our clients’ success and is built on a bedrock of partnership fueled by foundational principles that include:

  • Relevancy: Marketers must meet today’s hyper-distracted consumer at a time and place of their choosing. Understanding who your target consumer is and their media usage habits allows us to apply a combination of meaningful messaging delivered to the sweet spots where they live online.
  • Data Science: We use machine learning to identify which messages and audience segments are most likely to respond to a given value proposition and then use our insights to constantly refine and redefine your success.
  • Brand Security: Our fastidious approach to marketplace compliance ensures:
    • Messaging is in line with regulatory guidelines.
    • Peace of mind knowing who is buying and placing media.
    • Full disclosure of the advertising platforms being utilized for campaigns.
  • Experience: With over 20 years of digital marketing and advertising experience and countless partners across all facets of the legal profession, you can be confident we have the institutional knowledge to outperform other alternatives.
  • Performance-Based Compensation: NIB Direct offers guaranteed pricing. We put our money where our mouth is.
  • Adaptability: With IOS14 and Google removing third-party cookies, the ability to adapt to new challenges is critical. At NIB Direct we take a proactive approach to changes in the marketplace so you can be successful without skipping a beat.

As leaders in mass torts and other legal verticals, our objective at NIB Direct is to be an integral and invaluable marketing resource for our legal profession partners.